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NSO REPORT: "Inside the ICE HACK for Weight Loss"

What to do when the weight we see on the scale just won't go down?

...or stay down?

2023 Update | Coach Shelly, Nutrition Street Online

So many women and men, especially those of us over 40, seem to fight a downright impossible battle with shedding unwanted flab…

The worst is when we’ve tried so many fad diets like Keto and others…

…but the weight just stays there (or comes back).


I’ve got some happy news to share with you today…

There's a newly-discovered reason for weight-loss problems—

and I'm going to reveal it to you in this report.

That reason is specifically addressed by…


It's a new and different ice-hack secret that supports heathy weight loss...

…and it’s proven with clinical studies by some top universities.

(I’ll give you the references in a moment)

But before I do that…

Let’s talk about what you came here for…


As promised, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about the “traditional” so-called ice hack.

Well, for starters, there isn’t just one…

It turns out there are actually 3 of these old ice hacks…

And unfortunately, what I uncovered tells us that they’re more myth than substance.

To be brief…

The results we can expect to see from each of the 3 old ones are not very promising.


I bet you’re not really surprised if you’re anything like me…

It turns out their wimpy or non-existent fat-fighting abilities are exactly what my skeptical self was kind of expecting.

But don’t despair!

Set that disappointing news aside for a moment because, as I said…

I absolutely DO have some very good weight-loss news to share with you here (the *NEW* version of the hack).

But first…

Let’s bust open those myths…

Old Ice Hack #1



The Myth

The idea here is that drinking ice water causes your body to burn calories as it warms it up.

The Truth

According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, using this old ice hack “doesn’t burn enough calories to be worthy of mentioning.”

Here’s the reality they tell us…

Drinking one cup of ice water burns just a tiny little 8 calories… ONLY 8 CALORIES!

How does that translate into weight loss?

Here’s the arithmetic…

According to Mayo Clinic, researchers found that 1 pound of fat equals about 3,500 calories of energy.


When we divide 3,500 fat calories by 8 calories burned per cup of ice water…

We discover that we need to drink a whopping…


I hope you’re thirsty, because…

That’s more than 27 gallons!

Does that put things into perspective?

How about this…

Say we drink the minimum recommended 11 cups of water per day…


Hope you make the same conclusion here that I have, and that is…

Do not waste time messing around this old ice hack.

Old Ice Hack #2



Hold an ice pack on your belly or derriere to melt away the pounds

The Truth

The idea here for this old ice hack seems to have developed out of a desire to exploit a true phenomenon for “killing off” your fat.

The people over at Harvard Medical School tell us that freezing fat cells causes them to die, and then the immune system’s “clean-up crew” digests the dead fat cells.

This is the idea behind something called “CoolSculpting” (cryolipolysis), where they employ special tools and equipment to cool fat beneath the skin layer while trying not to damage the skin.

The bad news here for our do-it-yourself hack is that, while we’ve seen for example athletes apply ice packs to a sore muscle to help with inflammation and soreness, trying to use a localized ice pack to kill off fat cells poses a real risk of frostbite damage to our skin!

And here’s the other thing about CoolSculpting, which again is a clinical procedure done with specialized equipment…

It’s intended for killing fat cells, not weight loss!

…and noticeable results we’re told take months.

But here’s something else Harvard Med tells us…

The ideal candidate for cryolipolysis is…

…someone who is already close to their ideal body weight!

Yep, once again not what we were hoping to hear,

So that fact alone tells us…

This old ice hack is never going to help anyone drop a substantial amount of weight off their person.

And it’s dangerous!

For me, the risk of frostbite from holding a frozen ice pack against our skin is a dealbreaker even if it were an effective hack which, as we’ve discovered here, it is not.

Old Ice Hack #3



The Myth

This old ice hack says to take cold showers so your body will burn away the fat trying to stay warm.

The Truth

Let me just say I personally have never been one to enjoy freezing, so count me out on this one!

But for those willing to consider trying this old hack…

According to UCLA Health, there actually are some possible benefits of taking an icy cold shower. However, these are things like helping with immunity, fighting symptoms of depression, and helping circulation…

…but NOT particularly weight loss.

Unfortunately, they tell us there is very little research available on the benefits of this “hack” in terms of losing weight.

Although, they do say that your body will in fact expend energy to try staying warm in that cold shower.

The problem is, however, similar to what we saw with drinking ice water…

The results for weight loss may be small if any.

So, if you think you’re someone who might not mind or maybe even enjoy a cold shower in the morning, then suit yourself.


Don’t expect to see a dramatic amount of flab disappear from doing it LOL.


There are some possible health risks to consider here, such as hives and heart disease… so as always, consult your doctor first if you still feel the need to try this one.

The NEW Ice Hack

Alpine Ice Hack


Now that we’ve got those old ones out of the way, how about we shift gears and talk about that new one I mentioned…

The NEW Ice Hack that actually works!

Here’s the Good News I Promised…

First of all…

This new and different “hack” does not involve freezing your keister!

(I bet you’re happy to hear that!)

And it doesn’t necessarily even involve any ice at all LOL.

Does it work?

There’s science to prove it…

And thousands this year are discovering for themselves that it does.

Is it easy?

Yes, it can be as easy as doing one simple thing once a day.

And it only takes a few seconds.

What is it?

Please let me start by telling you the story behind this new hack…


According to nationwide surveys the National Institutes of Health has conducted since the early 1960s, US obesity rates have tripled over the last 60 years.


Something else has been happening here in the U.S. alongside that trend, and it’s been doing it since the start of the Industrial Revolution…

Our body temperatures have been decreasing!


Is it a coincidence that Americans have been getting fatter while their body temperatures have been dropping lower?

Maybe. But coincidence or not, the idea prompted makers of one exciting new dietary supplement to look a little deeper…

And when they did, they discovered something new and remarkable…

They found conclusions from a scientific study demonstrating that…

“Body temperature is strongly associated with obesity”.

Taken in by this in light of those first two facts, it inspired them to come up with this new and exciting “hack”…

The hack is simple:

Take one capsule of their proprietary formula with a big glass of cold water once a day.

That’s it!

The powerful formula inside this capsule was designed specifically to help those who struggle to lose weight no matter how much they diet or exercise.*

But does it really work?

As I’ve already mentioned… the science behind the ingredients says “yes”…

The unusual ingredients inside their proprietary blend have clinical studies and scientific evidence showing they really do support healthy weight loss (references below).


Thousands of their happy customers tell them it works great!

There’s a little bit more to the story…

It involves how they came up with the specific all-natural ingredients they chose to combine for their unique formula…

The “Robust” Power of 6?

The makers of this supplement (the ones who came up with this new and exciting hack) had two basic goals at the onset:

  1. Create something powerful to address this new-found reason for weight loss problems

  2. Make sure it’s as easy and foolproof as it is effective

Their approach was to leverage what they learned about this newly-discovered association of body temperature with obesity and attack it from 6 difference angles, so to speak…

And they did just that with the unique blend of 6 all-natural ingredients they use…

Using 6 instead of only 1 stacks the odds for success by way of a synergistic, cumulative effect, creating a powerful formula for their supplement that’s very robust.

What about these 6 ingredients?

Some are a bit exotic and hard to get… they come from plants grown in the Himalayan mountains, so they like to refer to their blend as “Alpine”.

They’re combined in a special, proprietary formula…

In just the right proportions…

To maximize their “fat-melting” (anti-obesity) power…

And that unique formula isn’t available anywhere else in the world except from them.

So, I’m guessing you might be saying to yourself right now…

“Okay, I’m ready to try this new “hack”

“How do I get some of those little capsules?”

If what I’m sharing here has gotten you ready and excited to give it a try…

You’d probably like to just run out and pick some up right now at a local store.

But you can’t get them that way, unfortunately…


They do not sell them on Amazon or eBay…

You can only get this new supplement when you order it direct from their website.

How much is it?

The regular price is actually pretty darn expensive…

But I’ve found you a huge discount that lets you get it for…

Less than a dollar and a half a day. Really!

Click or Tap HERE to learn more and get yours now at the guaranteed lowest price.

You will find full details including the exact ingredients as well as answers to frequently-asked questions when you visit that link.


Right now, they’ve got a $109 bonus package available if you buy 3 or more bottles (for a limited time, and while supplies last). 😉

What else?


You came here today to learn about THE so-called odd or bizarre ice hack…

But I’ve shown you there are actually a few of them…

You can do what amounts to a waste of your time and effort with those 3 “traditional” ice hacks…


You can “cut the line” and go straight to the NEW hack that science shows us actually works.

“Is this the perfect solution for me?”

Will this new “hack” do for you what it has for thousands of others?

That’s up to you to find out for certain by trying it yourself.

The good news is…

You can try it right now risk free…

Buy 6 bottles and they give you free shipping. Then, if it doesn’t work for you…

You have 60 days to get back every penny you spent, no questions asked.

And you can keep their $109 bonuses.

But if it DOES work for you…

Stocking your cabinet with 6 bottles protects you from future price increases and those nasty supply-chain shortages we’ve been seeing.

So what have you got to lose if you try this exciting new “hack”?

Nothing, really.

But potentially…

If it does what they say…

* Maybe you can fit into your “skinny” clothes again…

* Or maybe you can go shopping for your skinny clothes for the very first time!

* Maybe you will really love the reflection you see in the mirror!


Maybe it will cause OTHERS to take a new, loving second glance at a slimmer you they see…

Perhaps, just maybe…

You’ll discover something new and exciting that helps you uncover a wonderful, sexy “new you”! 🙂

But you’ll never know if you don’t ever try it…

So, I say…

Why not give it a try?


Coach Shelly

Nutrition Street Online

p.s. Click or tap here to try it now risk free.

And please don’t forget to check your email later for your FREE $297 surprise gift I promised you!

For My Fellow Fact Checkers...

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