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"Top-10 Weight-Loss Hacks for 2023"

Some do nothing... some work VERY well.

2023 Update | Coach Shelly, Nutrition Street Online

What to do when the weight we see on the scale just won't go down?

...or stay down?

So many women and men, especially those of us over 40, seem to fight a downright impossible battle with shedding unwanted flab…

The worst is when we feel like we’ve tried absolutely everything…

…but the weight just stays there (or comes back).


I’ve got some happy news to share with you today…

Within these 10 weight-loss “hacks” I’m about to share with you inside this report are some methods that really do work! *

And they have solid clinical studies and scientific evidence to prove it.

(I share all the references at the end in case you want to see them).

These hacks are the top 10 I’m seeing and hearing about as an industry insider ranked according to what I see as their current popularity.

Some of them are downright silly and a waste of time (but fun to read about regardless).


A few of them really do work…

…that is, if you take them seriously and commit to learning and doing them the proper way.

So, ready to finally get the results you want?


That starts with taking the first step in the RIGHT direction on your new weight-loss journey…

My job as your coach is to point you in the right direction, then inspire and motivate you as you work to get results for yourself.


Here it is for you…

My Top-10 List of Weight-Loss Hacks in descending order of popularity for 2023…

#10: An Old “Ice Hack”



The Myth:

This old ice hack says to take cold showers so your body will burn away the fat trying to stay warm.

The Truth:

Let me just say I personally have never been one to enjoy freezing, so count me out on this one!

But for those willing to consider trying this old hack…

According to UCLA Health, there actually are some possible benefits of taking an icy cold shower. However, these are things like helping with immunity, fighting symptoms of depression, and helping circulation[1]

…but NOT particularly weight loss.

Unfortunately, they tell us there is very little research available on the benefits of this “hack” in terms of losing weight.

Although, they do say that your body will in fact expend energy to try staying warm in that cold shower.

The problem is, however, that…

The results for weight loss may be small if any.


Coach Shelly Says:

If you think you’re someone who might not mind or maybe even enjoy a cold shower in the morning, then suit yourself.


Don’t expect to see a dramatic amount of flab disappear from doing it LOL.


There are some possible health risks to consider here, such as hives and heart disease… so as always, consult your doctor first if you still feel the need to try this one

#9: Another Old Ice Hack


The Myth:

Hold an ice pack on your belly or derriere to melt away the pounds

The Truth:

The idea here for this old ice hack seems to have developed out of a desire to exploit a true phenomenon for “killing off” your fat.

The people over at Harvard Medical School tell us that freezing fat cells causes them to die, and then the immune system’s “clean-up crew” digests the dead fat cells.[2]

This is the idea behind something called “CoolSculpting” (cryolipolysis), where they employ special tools and equipment to cool fat beneath the skin layer while trying not to damage the skin.

The bad news here for our do-it-yourself hack is that, while we’ve seen for example athletes apply ice packs to a sore muscle to help with inflammation and soreness, trying to use a localized ice pack to kill off fat cells poses a real risk of frostbite damage to our skin!

And here’s the other thing about CoolSculpting, which again is a clinical procedure done with specialized equipment…

It’s intended for killing fat cells, not weight loss!

…and noticeable results we’re told take months.

But here’s something else that Harvard Med report tells us…

The ideal candidate for cryolipolysis is…

…someone who is already close to their ideal body weight!

Yep, once again not what we were hoping to hear,

So that fact alone tells us…

Coach Shelly Says:

This old ice hack is never going to help anyone drop a substantial amount of weight off their person.

And it’s dangerous!

For me, the risk of frostbite from holding a frozen ice pack against our skin is a dealbreaker even if it were an effective hack which, as we’ve discovered here, it is not.

#8: Yet Another Old Ice Hack



The Myth:

The idea here is that drinking ice water causes your body to burn calories as it warms it up.

The Truth:

According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, using this old ice hack “doesn’t burn enough calories to be worthy of mentioning.”[3]

Here’s the reality they tell us…

Drinking one cup of ice water burns just a tiny little 8 calories…


How does that translate into weight loss?

Here’s the arithmetic…

According to Mayo Clinic, researchers found that 1 pound of fat equals about 3,500 calories of energy.[4]


When we divide 3,500 fat calories by 8 calories burned per cup of ice water…

We discover that we need to drink a whopping…


I hope you’re thirsty, because…

That’s more than 27 gallons!

Does that put things into perspective?

Coach Shelly Says:

I hope you’ve made the same conclusion here that I have, and that is…

Don’t waste time messing around with this old ice hack.

#7: Small Plates

Use Smaller Plates


The Myth:

Use smaller plates to trick ourselves into eating less food.

The Truth:

Sure, it sounds like a simple equation, doesn’t it? Shrink your plate and you shrink your waistline.

It actually can work in situations where we serve ourselves (like at home).[5]

Psychologically, it works because it does play a little mind game on us to see a full plate of food and believe we’ve got more there than we really have. The result can be that we eat less without feeling deprived, resulting in weight loss.[6]

From a paratactical approach, implementing this hack might be as simple as swapping out your 10” dinner plates with your 8” dessert plates for your meals.

But there are a few cavoites for being successful with this hack…

Some of us just really need to slow down! I know first-hand… my husband complains when I eat faster than he does LOL.

The smaller amount of real estate to accommodate our food on that little plate means we must be very judicious in how we fill it. It forces us to slow down and really think about putting food there that will be most satisfying.


We need to be mindful of each mouthful… really savoring and enjoying every bite so we finish our meal feeling satisfied.

The risk of course is what my niece calls “FOMO” (fear of missing out) in reverse that might hit us later on, the consequences of which can deal us a devastating blow if it results in a self-defeating binge.

Using and mastering the mindfulness techniques mentioned above is a key to preventing this hack from backfiring on us.[7]

Coach Shelly Says:

Go ahead and use the smaller plates hack, but ONLY if you incorporate a commitment to mastering the mindfulness strategies along with it. You don’t want the good potential of this hack to turn against you and make things worse!

How do we sharpen and master our focus and mindfulness skills?

The best ways I know are through daily meditation, visualization and yoga.

I will be bringing you a ton of good info and resources on these in upcoming emails…

Watch for them!

#6: Keto

Keto Diet


The Myth:

Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that burns away fat.

The Truth:

Unless you live a very sheltered life, you’ve no doubt heard about the ketogenic diet (“keto” for short). It’s been one of the most popular diet trends of the past decade.

Although not quite as popular as it was at its peak 4 years ago, keto still lives and breathes because…

Keto is one that works and gets results.[8]

In a nutshell, keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet that encourages the body to enter a state of “ketosis”, where it burns fat for energy instead of glucose.

It happens when we cut way back on carbohydrates like breads, sugars and starches but eat a lot of fats and protein like meat, cheese, eggs and nuts. You also fill up on nutritious non-starchy veggies like bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini and avocados.

Are there any drawbacks?

Experts recommend we only do keto for about a year and that we start easing ourselves off of it after 6 months because research on the long-term effects are limited.[9]

That being said…

“Going Keto” within the constraints of that time frame gives us the chance to reap its potential slimming benefits before we transition into something more sustainable for the longterm, like for example the popular Mediterranean diet.[10]

Coach Shelly Says:

Check out this resource if you’re curious and want to try Keto for yourself.

It’s a quiz that assesses where you are and then provides things like diet plans and shopping lists to get you started in the right direction based on your food preferences and situation.

#5: Caffeine



The Myth:

The caffeine in our coffee burns away fat.

The Truth:

Because of coffee’s ability to keep us focused, alert and feeling energized due to the high concentration of caffeine it contains, coffee is probably one of the most consumed drinks on the planet.

…or could it possibly be because the caffeine in it is so addictive?

There is good scientific evidence that supports the fact that caffeine can help burn fat because it boosts the metabolism.[11]

Also, because caffeine can make us feel more energized and awake, it can improve our workout performance in the gym.[12]

But here’s the reality of it…

1. Most people don’t drink it black

When we mix in sweeteners and creamers, the calories in that cup of coffee can skyrocket.

And that calorie boost negates the weight-loss benefit when it exceeds the small number of calories burned off by the caffeine

2. Tolerance builds and wipes out the benefits

Here’s the disappointing news…

The increase in metabolic rate from coffee is only short-term.[13]

Eventually, our bodies become tolerant to this fat-burning effect and it stops working.

3. Withdrawal is painful

Ever see someone miss their morning coffee? Have you witnessed an otherwise sweet and happy person become a lethargic grouch? 😉

Because caffeine is habit-forming, it leads to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as headache, grogginess and irritability.[14]

Some habits are tough to break. And from what I’ve seen, coffee is one of the more difficult monkeys to remove and conquer at will.

Coach Shelly Says:

While I don’t drink it myself, I’m well aware many of you out there love your coffee, so I get it. 

For those of you who don’t drink it, I see no reason to acquire the habit… for me, the negatives far outpace any pluses.

But for those who already do drink coffee, please keep an eye on your email as I’ll be sharing an interesting hack for slimming down your figure (or physique) that leverages this habit.

Stay tuned!

#4: Breakfast

High-protein Breakfast


The Myth:

Eating breakfast helps us lose weight.

The Truth:

To eat breakfast or not always seems to be a hot topic of debate for its effect on losing weight.

The thought behind this hack is the idea that skipping breakfast leads to overeating later in the day, which certainly sounds plausible.

However, according to Harvard University, there’s no conclusive evidence one way or the other.[15]

But before we dismiss this hack, there are a couple other things we need to consider…

First, there’s the fact that…

People who eat breakfast are more likely to be healthier and have a lower BMI.[16]

Second, another study show evidence that…

Eating a high-protein breakfast does give us some help.

And that help comes in the form of reduced cravings and calorie intake throughout the day.[17,18]

To me, this is a green light to go ahead and continue with my two favorite breakfast meals…

One of those is eggs. I love eggs! And they are one of the healthiest foods we can eat.[19,20]

The other one I love is my high-protein smoothie. So refreshing and so yummy!

Coach Shelly Says:

Start your mornings with one or two healthy, delicious eggs prepared the way you enjoy them! I like mine as a quick and simple omelet with some mushrooms and bell peppers.

Or, break out your blender and make yourself a yummy and refreshing protein-filled smoothie!

Click or tap here to see my favorite resource for breakfast smoothies.

It also shows how to best incorporate them into your weight-loss journey.

What else?

You can choose to combine or alternate between them both to break up monotony and add variety to your routine.

#3: The “New” Ice Hack

New Ice Hack


The Myth:

There’s a new “Alpine” formula that melts away fat by raising your “inner” body temperature.

The Truth:

Okay, this hack of course is done by taking the new dietary supplement Alpilean (

I found a mixed bag here…

1. Their marketing message is fundamentally wrong

The main scientific citation they reference actually shows a positive association of body temperature and obesity.[21]

Well, that’s exactly opposite of how their marketing geniuses are pitching it to us!

(* rolling my eyes *)

But set that silliness aside because…

2. The ingredients in their formula really do support weight loss

Look past that flawed marketing gimmick, and what do we find?

We actually discover solid clinical research and scientific evidence that the rare ingredients in Alpilean do support weight loss! [References 23 through 34 below]


By including 6 fat burners instead of just depending on 1, the real geniuses (not their marketing department LOL) who formulated this supplement created something very powerful and robust.

So, it turns out in the end, their cringeworthy advertising served an important purpose…

It got us here to discover that Alpilean is indeed a high-quality “fat burning” (anti-obesity) dietary supplement like nothing else on the market.

Coach Shelly Says:

Because of the solid scientific evidence and “thousands” of 5-star reviews from happy customers, I say look past the gimmicks and give Alpilean a try.

I would buy their recommended 6 pack to get the best price and free shipping (and the bonuses) knowing I’ve got 60 days to get back all my money if it doesn’t support my efforts to “melt away fat” like they say.

Warning: Don’t buy the stuff you see on Amazon… it’s fake (read the reviews there if you don’t believe me). And, you won’t get a refund.

The 6 ingredients in the real Alpilean formula are golden algae, dika nut, drumstick tree leaf, bigarade orange, ginger rhizome, & turmeric rhizome. The counterfeit junk sold on Amazon shows something completely different.

Real Alpilean is only sold on their official website. And buying it there is the only way to get your money back if you don’t “admire your new toned slim body in the mirror” as they promise.

#2: Yoga

Yoga for weight loss


The Myth:

Practicing yoga helps us lose weight.

The Truth:

Yoga surged in popularity about 10 years ago, then saw a big decline during the pandemic lockdowns.

But with the world finally opened back up, yoga is beginning to rise again as a popular hack for weight loss.

Can yoga help us lose weight? Yes![35,36]

Yoga is not only great for improving flexibility, balance, and posture…

It really can help us shed unwanted pounds.

How does it do that?

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine,[37]

  1. Our bodies burn energy during the yoga sessions
  2. It reduces back and joint pain so we naturally exercise more
  3. Our improved mood, reduced stress and heightened mindfulness may help us eat less
  4. The better connection with our bodies enhances awareness of feeling satisfied vs. overeating


What else?

Yoga can help improve our overall quality of life…

The National Center For Complementary and Alternative Medicine tells us that research suggests a heap of additional health benefits may come from practicing yoga besides weight loss[38], including:

  • relieving stress
  • supporting good health habits
  • improving mental/emotional health
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving balance
  • Relieving back & neck pain
  • Relieving pain from tension headaches
  • Relieving knee pain



How do we do it?

Coach Shelly Says:

The key to successful weight loss with yoga is consistency and patience.[35,39]

Start with a few minutes of practice every day (remember to consult your physician first).

Then, gradually increase the duration and intensity as you progress to fully master and enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

Don’t know where to start?

If you want to do it on your own rather than in a group setting….

Click or tap here to get started with the best online Yoga training I know of.

#1: The Hottest Hack for 2023

Mediterranean Diet


The Myth:

Eat a Mediterranean diet for healthy long-term weight loss success.

The Truth:

There’s good reason why the Mediterranean diet is currently the #1 weight-loss hack for 2023[40]

It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it works!

The Mediterranean diet has been making waves in the health industry for its incredible weight loss benefits.[41,42]

This enjoyable lifestyle change emphasizes whole, nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats like olive oil.

Those who follow the Mediterranean diet experience many other health benefits besides losing weight[43,44,45,46,47], including

  • Improved heart health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better blood sugar management
  • Lower levels of depression
  • Improved brain health as we age


This is the diet currently recommended by the American Heart Association because it “can play a big role in preventing heart disease and stroke and reducing risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.” [48]

Following the Mediterranean diet includes things like

  • Eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and other legumes
  • Incorporating healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, nuts, & seeds
  • Swapping processed foods for whole foods
  • Choosing proteins like fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, & even some red meat
  • Cooking with fresh, flavor-filled herbs and spices


Ready to jumpstart your weight loss journey?

For obvious reasons, the Mediterranean diet seems like the perfect place to begin (or graduate to) for long-term success

Coach Shelly Says:

What’s the best way to start the Mediterranean diet?

Take this short little quiz.

It will answer your questions and get you started in the right direction with recipes and meal plans based on your food preferences.

I’ve got a lot more to share with you about the Mediterranean diet in upcoming emails because I really love it and believe in it.

In the meantime, please don’t wait to put the power of this amazing diet to work for yourself!

Conclusion, and what you can expect next...

Remember what I said at the onset:

Small changes can lead to big results.

But we only get the kind of results we want to see when we base those changes on correct information.

And to the best of my knowledge and effort, truthful and correct information is what I’ve strived to provide for you here.

I’m going to keep you updated

If you allow me, I will continue to bring you inspiration and motivation as well as up-to-date news, information and special offers on good nutrition and health in your email updates.

I give you my best wishes for a successful weight-loss journey!


Coach Shelly

Nutrition Street Online


Please remember to look for the welcome email I sent you…

It includes some happy surprises for you, including details about your FREE $127 Welcome Gift: “The #1 Key to Success with a Weight-Loss Program!” 😉

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Yes! Give me immediate access to the free report: “Top-10 Weight-Loss Hacks for 2023” and subscribe me to Coach Shelly’s FREE email newsletter. By clicking ‘See the Top-10 Hacks’, I agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.